Sziget receives 'Best European Line-Up' award

Thu Jan 14 16:08:40 2016

Sziget wins award for Best European Line-Up at European Festival Awards! We are super happy and thanks so much for your support and all your votes! Can't wait to see all of you this August!

This year's European Festival Awards is a huge success for Sziget Cultural Management. We organize several festivals in the summer season and slowly all of them gather impressive international recognition. Sziget is one of the biggest music and arts festival in Europe, crowned already twice as Best Major Festival. Taking place every August since 1993, Sziget will be organized for the 24th time this year.

The Island of Freedom celebrates music, art, theatre, dance and many more based on the principles of freedom and tolerance. Receiving the award for the Best European Line-Up certifies that today a festival can - and should- deliver much more than just music, while everyone has the freedom of choice to choose their own headliners.

Attracting more than 400.000 festival visitors every year, Sziget believes that providing countless quality programs for seven days can change the concept of festivals, making the experience a much broader adventure. In addition, Sziget was also shortlisted among the best ten in the categories of Best Major Festival and Artists' Favorite Festival. 

Hope to see you all this year!